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"Mmhh..." she mumbled, rolling lazily onto her back as her eyelids fluttered open.The moment her big brown eyes met mine, Liz's lips curled up in a beaming, spontaneous smile.

Lying on her side in a fetal position facing my way, my sweet Lizzie was still sleeping peacefully, bathed in the mid-morning light.

For a few minutes, while our Moms submerged us with joyful hugs and big smooches and radiant smiles, Liz and I remained bug-eyed and somewhat overwhelmed.

Our Moms' enthusiastic reaction sort of freaked us out at first, but in a good way.

Entranced, I feasted my eyes on the jutting fullness of Lizzie's naked boobs spilling out of the sheets wrapped messily around her soft curvy body.

I was literally salivating as I stared at the puffy pink buds of her nipples pointing at me from the silky, fleshy juiciness of her amazing jugs.

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