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They don’t take it easier – they hop up and down and rub every bit of themselves all over the poor guys’ faces.

They even smother with their tits and hands when they’re feeling particularly powerful.

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Sometimes, the action is more freakshow than actually interesting, but you won’t be able to look away.

The fetish chat girls think of men only as lickers and nothing more. They even like covering their mouths with their tits and hands sometimes. Smothering and facesitting is the name of the game and Shes Boss is the best place to find it.

These girls want nothing more than to sit on a willing (or not-so-willing) face and rub up against it.

Then it’d be the late night shared meals, keeping scrapbook holiday diaries (with sketches, wine & cheese labels, & tickets stuck in), trips to the beach or a river to swim and feeding the local stray cats and dogs on our back door step.

And then, prior to the long drive home, we’d aways stock up on the coolest French ‘back-to-school’ supplies!

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