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What was left out, one might wonder, in showing the history of the King marriage?A subplot about Riggs' relationship with his son also is underdeveloped.Battle of the Sexes, directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, opened in limited theaters September 22, 2017, wider September 29; available for home viewing January 2, 2018. He still has a collection of more than 100 laserdiscs, and for DVDs patronizes the local library.

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In its wake, this year’s film festival season has seen an incredible array of high-quality LGBT pictures with explicit representations of sexuality – not only on the arthouse margins of cinema but in the mainstream as well.

A fresh reinterpretation of the coming-of-age drama, writer and director Eliza Hittman explained to me how it built on her fascination with the genre, and her first female-centred feature her focus was “a young guy coming to consciousness about who he was”.

“And that,” she explains, “always involves sort of pain and a realisation.

A US study on the top 100 films of 2016 showed that only 1.1 per cent of speaking characters were gay, lesbian or bisexual, no speaking character was identified as transgender, and only one film featured a gay protagonist.

That film was But Barry Jenkins’s film has perhaps turned out to be something of a game-changer.

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