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From preaching resources to Pauline studies, join the conversation and become part of the Eerdmans legacy of biblically informed pursuit of truth.Full of ritualistic sacrifices, pantheistic religions, and nomadic oral narratives, the Old Testament is a theologically challenging and culturally distant text to interpret. Berrigan light the way to solid hermeneutics and fruitful study of the Old Testament.With these texts, readers can learn about Jesus’ use of parables, analyze the literary features of the canonical Gospels, and examine the Gospel of Thomas.This collection also includes an introduction to the Synoptic Gospels, studies on the named women of the Gospels, and comprehensive guides to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Hurtado’s standard setting , Michael Graves explores the beginnings of biblical exegesis and the implications of a divinely inspired text.Individual Titles: The apostle Paul is one of Christianity’s most important figures.From the famous story of his conversion, to the stories of his missionary journeys, to his house arrest in Rome, the life of Paul, the letters he wrote, and the theology he articulated profoundly influenced the early history of Christianity, as well as the trajectory of Christian theology through the centuries.Founded in 1911, Eerdmans has cultivated a reputation of publishing the best modern Christian scholarship.Through the years, Eerdmans has introduced hundreds of new, responsible thinkers and thoughts to the space where Christ and culture meet—emphasizing open, earnest dialogue across the range of religious perspectives.

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