Carrie diaries s2e8 online dating

Season 2, Episode 8December 20, 2013Carrie interviews the CEO of a jeans company for an article she hopes Interview will publish.

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Meanwhile, Samantha dispenses sex advice to Mouse; Walt tries to declare his true feelings to Bennet; and Tom's plans for a romantic weekend with his girlfriend go awry.

Season 2, Episode 12January 24, 2014Carrie and her pals attend their senior prom at a luxurious New York City hotel.

Meanwhile, an offer from Larissa has Carrie reconsidering her plans for life after graduation; and Sebastian tries to keep Carrie in the dark about his big decision.

Season 2, Episode 3November 8, 2013Larissa returns from her summer abroad and takes Carrie and Walt to a Japanese festival, where Larissa meets Samantha for the first time.

Meanwhile, Mouse helps Maggie fill out college applications; and Tom receives an enticing offer from Harlan.

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