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In some cultures, they are neither a weapon nor a tool, but a potent symbol of manhood; in others they are ritual objects used in sacred body modifications such as circumcision.

A wide variety of thrusting knives have been described as daggers, including knives that feature only a single cutting edge, such as the European rondel dagger or the Persian pesh-kabz, or, in some instances, no cutting edge at all, such as the stiletto of the Renaissance. C 1300), we read it in the list of his loot, after the Prosopis battle, of bronze armour, swords and daggers.

And while it’s been enlightening and encouraging to see Shaun take his first steps into dating, the episode made a case against him entering into a romance… For one, the strength of Lea’s influence on Shaun is at odds with his ability to deal with disappointment and disillusionment.

Looking back at his history, Shaun was turned off by any whiff of romance after a disastrous teenage prank by a pretty girl left him humiliated.

We’ve seen Shaun be embraced willingly on the show, and of course prompted by Lea, he kissed her.

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Firstly, not all people on the spectrum are averse to touch.

T2.2.2 Paul Pavelic: "Addressing seasonal flooding and groundwater depletion issues through innovations in MAR: Pilot tests and modelling to evaluate technical feasibility in the Ramganga basin, India"EARLY CAREER HYDROGEOLOGIST NETWORK (ECHN) SESSION - SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS: FROM APPLICATION TO MANAGEMENT - TIPS FROM SENIOR'S HYDROGEOLOGIST IN THE GOVERNMENT, INDUSTRY AND ACADEMIA TO EARLY CAREER HYDROGEOLOGISTST5.4.3 Pierre-Yann DAVID: "Middle Risle critical zone observatory : monitoring karstic processes evolution in the river, their impacts on surface water/groundwater interaction and their consequences on aquatic ecosystems"T3.2.3 Carlos Ordens: "A conjunctive application of unsaturated zone modelling and field-based methods to assess recharge processes and quantify recharge rates in a coastal, semi-arid, karstic aquifer: Uley South Basin, South Australia"T4.2.4 Akinobu Miyakoshi: "Evaluation of groundwater environment changes due to urbanization in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Japan: Application of long-term monitoring of subsurface temperature and groundwater levels"T4.2.16 Yun-Yeong Oh: "Wavelet-based multivariate time-series analysis of CO2 flux at soil-atmosphere boundary, with respect to hydro-meteorological factors: Results from a baseline survey at an artificial CO2 leakage experimental site in South Korea"T2.4.12 Thomas Fichtner: "Determination of optimal conditions for minimizing clogging processes occurring during the operation of managed aquifer recharge (MAR) based on lab- and field-scale experiments"T2.5.15 David Pulido-Velazquez: "A method to assess impacts of future potential climate change scenarios on meteorological, edaphic, hydrological and operational droughts in a basin.

Application to the Segura Basin (SE Spain)."T6.4.2 David Pulido-Velazquez: "Integrated assessment of hydrological impacts of potential future scenarios of climate, land use change and Sea Level Rise on a coastal Mediterranean aquifer.

Given the friendship the show has built up between them, in addition to the fact that this is only “Part 1” of a two-parter, we’re guessing that she’s sticking around in some capacity.

Even if she doesn’t, her character could be inspiration for Shaun to visit another city.

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