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Only by having a close mirror, a direct feedback system that we can we identify our blind spots, our areas that need growth, nourishing, insight and change.We never know exactly how things will happen, the twists and turns the universe will conjure to bring about the intended result, nobody does, and that is not up to you or me, that is up to destiny.

She’s a data-loving CEO of a technology company who, since giving this TED talk, may be forever known as “the woman who hacked online dating”.

It's a great way to meet singles in a fun, comfortable environment.

South Florida Introductions has a distinct advantage over newcomers to the industry.

Then read your FREE Compatibility profile® and meet Florida singles that are truly right for you.

Heads, you’re deliriously happy and sharing life with that special someone – tails, you spend Saturday nights alone on the couch with your cat.

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