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model; computability; numbering; semantic; elementary theory; algorithmic dimension; computable numbering; decidability; decidable model; hyperarithmetic model; specification; programm; topology; Rodgers semilattice; Ershov and Scott spaces; admissible set; group; field; Boolean algebra; semantic programming. 1974 — defended thesis for candidatskaya degree 1981 — defended thesis for doctorskaya degree. I am superwisor of seminars at Novosibirsk Uninversity and Sobolev Institute of Mathematics. 1991 — became an elector at Russian Academy of Sciences.

Fields of research interest: theory of algorithms, model theory, algebra, and applications in theoretical computer science. 1976 — won Lenin Komsomol Prize on science and technology for a series of works on constructive Boolean Algebras. 1982 — was awarded with a Silver badge of "Algebra and Logic" Seminar for research activity. 1993 — was elected to be a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Higher School.

The fossils have been under study for decades in Moscow and that work continues.

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Presently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal Security Service are prepared to protect the Vendian localities by arresting pirates.) The world-famous Vendian (Ediacaran) fossil biota in the White Sea - Arkhangelsk region of Russia contains some of the most exquisite fossils of the earliest macrobiota (560-545 million years old) on Earth.Over 600m of continuously fossiliferous strata consisting of fine sand, silt and mud crop out at many localities along the White Sea.These paleo-pirates violate local and national laws, destroy fossils and fossil sites, and leave debris and garbage in the area.Some scientific papers are, surprisingly, based on illegally-collected fossils.

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