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Two variations which will produce totally different sensations: first is rear entry with the woman on her hands and knees or maybe standing up as she bends over so he can enter from behind - it is best to have something to hold on to as this allows you to push back a little as he thrusts - this position can even be enjoyed in the shower..second variation is in bed with you laying on your stomach with your hips lifted a little off the bed with a pillow under your lower tummy - which has the effect of lifting your pussy higher and lets him drive in a little deeper. 3 We always get the deepest penetration when having sex in the following position: I - the man, that is - open her legs as wide as possible and then pin them back, using my biceps behind her knees to hold them there.

A variation is to have her legs on my shoulders and put my hands under her hips, then lift her up towards me and onto my cock.

He will have to bend his trunk over her, but only sufficiently to bring the penis to a point where it can penetrate her.

To obtain the deepest penetration in this sex position, the woman should keep her feet firmly on the floor throughout sex, for as soon as she raises her feet or stretches out her legs, the vaginal angle changes and penetration immediately becomes shallower.

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2 I agree - for me deep penetration is best when he is behind me.Having got as close to the bed as he can he places his hands under her thighs and draws her vagina on to his penis.Though he cannot use his hands or mouth to stimulate her, there are compensating contacts, for in this lovemaking position the clitoris is most often brought into direct touch with the penis and is stimulated by the man's thrusting movements.Another variation of this sexual position gives almost the same penetration.The woman lies lengthways on the bed - i.e., from head to foot - and the man kneels between her legs, squatting backwards on his heels.

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