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Note: This is a catalog of the Wrenching News Auction of antique wrenches from the collections of Lee Fisher, Earl Drehmel, Charles Burkey and a few other Missouri Valley Wrench Club Members that was held in York, Nebraska on April 4-5, 2014. GOODELL PRATT COMPANY - TOOL SMITHS - GREENFIELD, MASS - USA - - 9.5" aluminum handled nut wrench with dual threaded shafts.

Printed catalogs and Lists of Prices Realized are available from Don 'Bus' Haury - 7913 SW 24th, Halstead, KS, 67056 316-284-7345 - Email For books on collecting wrenches and other tools plus all our past wrench auction catalogs and price lists.

PAT NOV 27, 94 - FATKIN MFG CO NY - - 9.75" different screw adjust pipe wrench with pivoting lower jaw.

Unmarked - - 12" wood handled center screw adjust wrench with dual jaws for pipe or nuts (see Lot No. This wrench was advertised as "Rouse's Yankee Combination Pipe, Bolt and Nut Wrench".

This is only the second I have had to list, one of the highlights of any antique wrench auction.

A very early desirable patented wrench with interesting adjustment mechanics that seldom comes up for sale.

I have tried to list the company or companies associated with each wrench. CRESSEY (weak markings) - - 14" wooden handled screw adjust with coarse threaded shaft and spring loaded lower jaw.

ASBURY WARRANTED - 10" all metal nut wrench with an unique adjustment screw mounted on the side of the curved handle. Advertised as Bornstein's Improved Patent Vise Wrench by American Improved Wrench Co.

Unmarked - - 12.75" quick adjust two segment rack nut wrench with locking collar. Usually seen marked Klein, Williams brand is considerably rarer.

Some of the "Top Drawer" wrenches in the auction include: A Coes Double Screw adjustable nut wrench and several other early Coes monkey wrenches, a Kibler patent Oct 30, 1900 adjustable wrench, a John Morris patented pipe wrench, a Columbian Wrench patented Sept. * a / separates markings on one side of the wrench from the other side. CRESSEY - PAT MAR, 1876 (weak markings) - - 24" all metal variant of the Cressey pipe wrench (see lot 0001 above).

* If a wrench is misnumbered in a photo the description number will prevail.

AUG 26, 1890 (some weak markings) - - 10" wood handled nut wrench with patented double screw action for fast adjustment with a locking collar.

Unmarked - - 8" rack type quick adjust nut wrench with wooden handle. Good with light pitting and surface dings, minor nicks and crack on handle (S552, on info) 0009.

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