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They also get into refrigeration equipment on trucks, causing them to malfunction.The fatty tissue will cause pitting of the car’s finish if it is not removed within a few days.They have since migrated northward, reaching from Georgia to South Carolina.Both species have two key outbreaks in population a year: once during April–May and the next in August–September.The pupal stage generally lasts about seven to nine days.Adult lovebugs are nonthreatening to humans because they do not bite or sting.As the females emerge from the vegetation, males immediately swoop down and grasp a female.At times, males will grasp a female that is already mating with a male in an attempt to disrupt mating.

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Most of them kill lovebugs but are impractical because high populations of the insects occur over vast areas of the state.After about 20 days the larvae hatch and feed on the decaying plant vegetation.The larvae act as a decomposer in the natural habitat by converting the plant material into nutrients that can then be used by the growing plants.They primarily feed on nectar from various plants, particularly sweet clover, goldenrod, and Brazilian pepper.Under laboratory conditions, male lovebugs live for about 92 hours, whereas females live up to 72 hours.

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