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I’m not saying that all are fake pictures, but some of them are, and you know, there have been a lot of fake news and alternative facts here.

(…) If there was at all — according to the pictures, there was — some use of force, it was not a deliberate use of force, it was a provoked use of force.

Dastis’ precise claim was therefore that some of the images circulating of violence and its victims were fake, but that there was some use of force, and that use of force was “provoked”.

Dastis’ initially argued: I think, by now, many of those pictures have been proven to be fake pictures, and if there was any use of force, it was a limited one, and prompted by the fact that the law and order agencies were prevented from discharging the orders of the courts.

But early today there was confusion over the politician's whereabouts after he failed to arrive in Barcelona.

Instead three of his ministers were on the plane that was expected to also be carrying him.

While in Brussels on Tuesday, Puigdemont said he was not trying to escape justice, but to highlight the Catalan issue to the rest of Europe 'and to denounce the absence of judicial impartiality.'He added that he is not looking to seek asylum in Belgium, as had previously been claimed.

Puigdemont said: 'We saw the charge filings which confirm the extreme aggression of the Spanish government,' he said according to El Nacional .'The lawsuit doesn't stand up legally, it doesn't pursue a crime, it pursues an idea.

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