Old christian dating

"Ellen, will you put your dating life on the altar?

" This question haunted me for a little while, for I knew that He was asking me to trust Him with the question of marriage.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." (Prov.

3:5-6) Besides, "dating" is just not found anywhere in the Scriptures.

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However, it is always awkward when a certain evangelist comes to minister because he used to be the pastors wifes boyfriend!The only thing I asked of Him was that if it was His will that I ever married, He would let me know when my husband came.For the next 3 years I had what was like honeymoon with the Lord as I delighted myself in Him.Young lady, if you do not give yourself unreservedly to God, that godly young man may not recognize you when he comes!We win them by getting so close to Jesus that He tells us what to say.

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