Sean hannity s gay dating website

The only LIE here is your homophobic stance that gay sex is so disgusting that no real straight guy would ever do it even for money.

Don't embarass yourself by making such idiotic comments. G4P exists whether you choose to believe it or not. Do some investigating instead of creating an intellectual rationale that may be satisfying to you but has no relation to the real world. I clearly stated that I don't like the constant premise that "we are heterosexual men" when it is clear that these men are far from heterosexual.

No attitude, no airs, you can talk to them like normal people, because, I guess they are. I didn't speak to Nick for a long time, just asked him to take a picture and he was nice and gracious and even hugged me tight posing. When I took a pic with Connor, he squeezed my arms and back a couple of times.

Think I am in love, lolz,r38's question is what I was seriously wondering.

The problem is, though it may be true in some cases, it does not reference real people, both gay performers who know when they are with clearly straight men in a porn scene or production staff who have to supply straight porn for some of these guys to get it up enough to perform.

An intellectual paradigm devoid of empirical fact is useless.

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R212 You clearly have no connection with any of these G4P guys or anyone involved in the production of gay porn.Does anybody remember hot, blond, puka shell necklace-wearing Logan from the early years? He was right up there with Lucas as far as number of appearances goes. He was also one of the earliest to usher in the cum eating that became de rigueur later. Fuck you r78, Chet is hands down the most handsome guy to have appeared on that site as these pics prove. Now Connor is lifeguarding in Vegas and Dawson is renting himself out on other websites.Is the whole gay 4 pay Corbin Fisher shit an elder gay thing? Looking at those guys they are not in any way as hot or hotter than any of the gay guys i hand out with. I wish I knew more about him and if he ever did more porn elsewhere. Bad breakups, or did people stop paying a month for online porn memberships? I used to get most the CF vids for free on one of those Euro websites.They really aren't trying to peddle gay for pay and haven't for a while. Why do the boys from Corbin Fisher come on and play like this is their first time doing porn ( or having sex with men), but looking at another site I see them on that site also. Lol, sorry R83 you are a little naive but a lot of people are. Their personalities, names, backstories and even sometimes their "straight" sexuality is just an product that is being marketed. He also said that they would only do a few movies a year and that now adays there are soooo many goodlooking hot guys wanting to do porn.This is an old debate but personally I don't really believe in gay for pay, when you can have so much fun having sex with other guys you are bisexual by definition regardless of in your private life you tend to only date women. ex Jacob from Corbin had me fooled then i saw he was Bobby on Sean Cody. He suggested if you wanted in the business get your own website, some cameras, do it yourself.

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    One reviewer wrote of a scene featuring the corpulent clergyman: “With his eyes shut, plump cheeks flushed, brow damp with sweat, body convulsing in pleasure and making porcine noises, only 10 minutes after the watershed, the reverend’s tryst was enough to put anyone off their Sunday dinner.”Brassington’s feat is all the more remarkable if you see him pre- production: the 34-year-old looks more matinee idol than overweight lecher.