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The Windows Event log provider does not use a connection manager, because it writes directly to the Windows Event log.For more information, see OLE DB Connection Manager and File Connection Manager.SQL Server Integration Services includes log providers that you can use to implement logging in packages, containers, and tasks.With logging, you can capture run-time information about a package, helping you audit and troubleshoot a package every time it is run.For example, you can enable logging on an Execute SQL task without enabling logging on the parent package.A package, container, or task can write to multiple logs.

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You may find that some events provide more useful information than others.When you create a package and implement logging by using SSIS Designer, you can see a list of the collection members in the Log Provider folders on the Package Explorer tab of SSIS Designer.You configure a log provider by providing a name and description for the log provider and specifying the connection manager that the log provider uses.For example, you can configure a log to capture only the date and the computer name for each error.In SSIS Designer, you define the logging options by using the Configure SSIS Logs dialog box.

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