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Sab Gham Or Dard Hain Hamare Liye, Hum Ne Tamam Umar Ki Kushi Tere Naam Ki.! Koi apna aisa hua kare, Jo shikayatein na gila kare, Jo mere liye hi saja kare, Jo mere liye hi bana kare, Mein jo rooth jaon manaye woh, Mein udas hoon to hansaye woh, Sada chupke chupke dabe qadam, Mere saath hi bas chala kare, Kabhie us se mein jo door hoon, Meri wapsi ki dua kare, Koi apna aisa hua kare, KOi apna aisa hua kare….! Hum tu bas es mein doob jany ki baat krty hain Utar rahey hain jo Dil mein khayal “TERAY” hain, K meri chashm-e-tamanna mein khowab “TERAY” hain, Kitab meri, qalam mera soch bhi meri, Magar jo likhey hain main ne wo baab “TERAY” hain “TU” meri zaat ka ik mustanad hawala hay, Kitab-e-dosti mein sarey nisaab “TERAY” hain..!!!! ” Mere liye meri Duniya ho Tum, Cho k jo Guzre wo Hawa ho Tum, Maine jo Mangi wo Dua ho Tum, Kya maine Mehsos wo Ehsas ho Tum, Meri Nazar ki Talash ho Tum, Meri Zindagi ka Qarar ho Tum, Maine jo Chaha wo Pyar ho Tum, Mere Intizar ki Rahat ho Tum, Mere Dil ki Chahat ho Tum, Tum ho tu Duniya hai Meri, Kaise Kahun k Sirf Pyar Nahin, Meri JAAN ho Tum. Teri khoshiyon pr muskorane ko g chahta hay ho dur to anson bahane ko g chahta hay aalam tanhai me is taveel rah gozar me .tujhe humsfar bnane ko g chahta hay hathon pr lakeeron ki jagah tasveer bnane ko g chahta hay boht thak choke hai or himat b nahi teri talaash me or b aage jane ko g chahta hay…Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. Like Sir ^alter Scott, (in his lambles through the border country, whencollectiiig mat- ter for bis exquisite works}, the author adopted the pedes- trian mode in his survey; by far the belt where minute- inquiry is the object ; though he cannot say, that he has often walked thirty (Scotch) miles a day, as Sir Walter is stated by one of his biographers to hare frequently per- formed.f Such, in short, was the ardour of the author's search for information, that the humorous lines applied bj Burns to the facetious antiquary Captain Grose, might with equal justice have been applied to him. D., and W« Shaw Mason, Esq., are entitled to his particular acknowledgments, for facilities afforded by them to the collection of valuable historical matter, . Nor will the reader be so unreasonable as to expect matter foreign to the nature of the work, though, possibly, more absorb- ing, or exciting, in its specific properties. we ishall bo W hotica somepassages ini{igraphy, yet extant. To piievent tbe transfer of writs of error to Eagiand, all thaa^ vexatious inquisitions or quo warranto, were Drought in Hin court of Exchequer ; where in two terms judgments were obtained ajgainst most of Iftie charters of Ireland. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. new edit V, U* Hist, and Antiavitifleof Hengrave-ha U,in tbeoonnty of 8affolk,hyiohn6afs, KBq. A mass of matter, however, has by this means been collected, re- lating not merely to the ancient structures, but to most of the time-honoured burial-grounds of the county. W« Akve great .| the e M philosophy, raadieraatios» Biid erieatal hmgln^es ; and before Lent, 1656, (wbed 1 4eok mjf d Ui gyee of A. The /chief baron, n cntoture of the gc^emment, hurried over the causes with die tnost indecent haste, and did not even allow sufficient time for reply from the d^endants. Seijeants — Christ Moore, Samael Semple — Proiesianis. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Regarding literary information, the most approved ori- ginal works have been consulted ; manuscripts have been inspected ; the public records have been searched ; and application has oeen made to every accessible source. B.) I had made a good progress in thein «ll.= :^l; i^if then miietoen yearn old and about a quarter, v All Ab whfle.{Ifai^ in December 1678 ; and was sworn kto odke on the 24ih January following. While in no case was just ground of c Bsfran- cbisement alleged, nor Was forfeiture adjudged after a Iwftl trial. The Robert Harpoole, or Hartpole, ^nentioned in the text, was a strict, vigilant, and active officer, a He is recommended to the Queen by the lord depu^ of the day in very flattering terms; which probably procured nim the honor of knighthood, which he afterwards enjoyed. All the which were of a mfferent character, and were worn round the neck of the kiag^ and also of the chief brehon, or judge, who was prime minietor. The very curious ancientbox called ihft Liath Meisicith was for many ages an heir-loom in the £Eunily of Kavanagh of Borris-Idrone, until it was presented (together witb the Charter Hom) as before stated, to the inuseum of Trinity Col« lege, Dublin, where it is now depo Hted and carefo Uy preserved. ** Caroll Moore O'Daly was brodier to the celebrated JDonogb, a turbulent diefiain in Connaughtj» in the reign of Queen EUxabetb. Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. If Tj» Ikf disiid«tntage«i«l to llw di Mv^iik lofilnkuiri; Utjoratore h M beseloroi Se.l Mcta hnti Uttki cailtiwtc4 oiben^j €o«nm4 bj R to lababit Mb. Xdthe din^i^i Bita^Wea^pti QMiitfil culture is one of |]| As relates to one authority, Kkatino, a word or two is ne- cessarv. During his occupancy- of ttft eflce of prevost, he devoted nwch time to study ; which, U sw we r, HA not prevent the strictest and most 1664^ it was found, tfiat Edmiuid Widl, 28rd October, 1641, was Wk^ pl M«9r and po Bsemor of thetowp and land of Ballyleaa and Kil- lessne^ hi the parish^ U^g Umy and barony of Catheriogh, ooi^ • Hlrrb's Warc^ vol. On pitiful pretences and paltry grovinds were one- hnndr^sd C€rpfwhkbl&0l M ia a oopy^ iasiied in its atoad. A tomb has lately been discov^ed with the fo Dowing inscription : ^' Hie facet Robertus Hartpole Constabu- lofiusde Catherlagh S^tuagenarios interuit 3 Octobris 1594." An engraved representation of thb monument is given by Mr., Sheffield 6raoe in his very interesting Memoirs of the Grace fa- * Thit was aa error : he wai only i Habiq^ of Leig Uin. f James Hetherington, John James, Edward Janes, Wm. Kinselah^ Terence Kinseldi, Thomas Kinsdah, Garret Kelly, Wm. It is made of brass cased with silver, and when presented to. He was one of the most accomplished gen Uemen of his day, and particularly excelled in poetry and music. Kavanagh a lorely and amia Ue lady, who returned lus affectio BS more &vourably than her friends wished^ who disapproved of the connexion.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. and assemble themselves in some convenient place within the stdd boi Tough, and in dieir assemblyes there make, appomte, ordain and establidie such acts, ordinances and by lawes for the good and wholesome government of the said burrough, and of the inhabi- tants Hiereol^ ^ fliey or die maior pt0 of them aha D thinkfitt and fl6 BI0TORT AND ANtl QUi TIES liiecewary ; and that thqr may have power and authority to punisli^ chastise aiid oorroct^ by £nes and pecuniary mulcts^ whatsoever Busik fson Sf^ka are offenders against such ormnances and by lawes, 6oe t£at the said acts ordinances and by lawes, fines, and mulcts, be reasonable, and not contrary or repugnant to the lawes and statutes of our smd kingdome of Irdand, nor any the rules, orders and directions made and established by our Heutenant, and councell of our said kingdome of Ireland, for the better regulating of the saidborrougb of Catherlagh, amongst other our citties walled townes and/;^iji^ac^«, within our said kingdom of Ireland.

Mera hasna use achha nahi lagta shayad, Warna wo meri udasi ka sabab janta ha Har ek lamha naya ik imtehan hai, bohut na-meharban yeh aasman hai, Dilon per barf girti ja rahi hai, Badan ka tajziya bhi raiga hai, main us say baat karna chahti hon, batao to sahi woh ab kahan hai, Muhabbat ki tamana hai To phir woh vasf peda kr Jahan sy ishq chalta hai, vahan tk naam peda kr Agr sacha hai mery ishq me to ay bani adam Nigahe ishq peda kr jamal e zarf peda kr Me tujh ko, tuj sy ziada -aur- sb sy ziada chahon ga Magr shart yeh k apny andr meri justaju to peda kr Agr na badloun teri khatir hr ik cheez to kehna Tu apny aap me pehly andaz-e.-wafa to peda kr Taskeen na ho jis se wo raaz badal dalo Jo raaz na rakh paye hamraaz badal dalo Tum ne b suni ho gi bari aam kahawat hy Anjam ka ho khatra aghaz badal dalo Pur-soz dilon ko jo muskan na de paye Sur hi na mile jis mai wo saaz badal dalo Dushman k iradon ko hy zahir agar karna Tum khel wohi khelo andaz badal dalo Ay dost karo himat kuch door sawera hy Agar chahte ho manzil tu parwaaz badal dalo Jin ki aankhain sajdoon main bheegti hain iqbal. (Allama Iqbal) Kaafir ke dil se aya hon mein yeh dekh kar, Khuda maujood hai wahan, Par usey pata nahin..

Mai usko bhul ke zinda rahunga kaise “Saqi”, WO meri sanso ki talab ki wajah janta hai ! (Mirza Ghalib) Masjid khuda ka ghar hai, peeney ki jagha nahin, Kaafir ke dil mein ja, Wahan khudaa nahin..

Jis Me Tumhara Aks_e_Haseen Dekhta Tha me, Tum Ne To Rakh Diya Wohi Aaina Torr K.. Saath chalne main jo maza hota Woh humain bhi kabhi mila hota Yeh hi hasrat rahi hamari faqat Saath apne koi chala hota Hum bhatakte rahe the raahon mein koi rasta pata chala hota Thaam leta humain bhi barh ke koi Haath hum ko koi mila hota Hum ulajhte nahi zamane se Ek jo Humsafar mera hota Hum na thakte safar mein gar Saath apne koi chala hota (GHAZAL) Ay Waqt zara to tham ja mujhe yaad “KISI ” Ko Kerne dy Mujhe “Peyar” hai 1 “SUNG DIL” Say Jo Koi “BAT” Mujhay na karne dy Na Apnay : PAS” wo aany dy Na Khud se “DOOR” Wo Jany dy Na “DIL” ko apny Pas rkhy Na our Kisi ka “HONY” dy Her Waqt mujy “WO” Yad Aay Phir “DIL” Se ik aawaz aay ye Kaisi “CHAHAT” hai us ki Jo “JEENY” de na : MERNY” dy Khat Likh Raha Hun Ahd_e_Mohabbat Ko Tor K.. Hazaar bar usse tod ke aajaun mai rita, Magar wo hamko bulane ka hunar janta hai ! Ghalib vs Iqbal vs FARAZ vs Wassi 1.(GHALIB) Ghalib sharab peene De masjid mein beth kr Ya wo jagah bata jahan Khuda nahi 2.(IQBAL) Masjid Khuda ka ghar hy peene ki jagah nahi Kafir k dil mein ja wahan Khuda nahi 3.(FARAZ) Kafir k Dil Se aya hon ye Dekh kr Faraz Khuda mojood hy wahan, usay pata nahi 4.(Wasi) Khuda to mojood hai dunia mein har jaga Tu Jannat mein ja, wahan peene se mana nhi Hai nafs k haathon tu majboor KITNA Sub jaan k b hy aaj la shaoor KITNA Jis chehry ne hy 1 din matti men mil jaana Us chehry pe hy tujhe ghuroor KITNA 1 sajde k inkaar ne IBLEES ko shetaan bana dia Tu khud jaan ly tera hy qusoor KITNA Jin ki sunnat pe chalna tujhe gawaara nhi Tery waasty roye thy woh HUZOOR KITNA Tu ne chakhi hy faqat gunaahon ki lazzat Tu kya jaane Ay iqbal zikr-e-Elaahi men hy suroor KITNA Sach Kahon to Mujhy Ye Unwaan Bura Lagta Hai Zulm Sehta Huwa Insaan Bura Lagta Hai Kis Qadar Ho Gai Masrof Ye Duniya Apni Ek Din Thehre to Mehmaan Bura Lagta Hai Un Ki Khidmat to Bohat Door, Haal ye hai yahan Burhay Maa Baap ka Frmaan Bura Lagta Ha Mary ALLAH Mri Naslon Ko Zillat Se Nikaal Itni zillat may “MUSALMAAN” Bura Lagta Hai Thokar Lagi To, Apne Muqaddar Pe Ja Gira Phir Yu Huwa K, Aaina Pathar Pe Ja Gira Ehsaas_e_Farz Jab Bhi Huwa, Neend Aa Gayi Chalna Tha Pul-Saraat Pe, Bister Pe Ja Gira Baazi Mohabbaton Ki Jahaalat Ne Jeet Li Wo Ban Gaya Khateeb, Jo Mimber Pe Ja Gira Khushbu Qasoor-Waar, Nahi, Is Ko Chor Do Me Phool Torte Huwe, Kanton Pe Ja Gira Sahraaon Me Liye Phira Paani Ki Justaju Jab Piyas Mar Gayi To, Samundar Me Ja gira Keh do Gham-e-Husain Mananey walo ko Momin Kbhi Shahed ka Matam nhi krte Hy Ishq Apni Jan se zyada Aal-e-Rasol se Yun Sar-e-Aam Hum Unka Tamasha nai krty Roein wo jo munkir hain shahadat-e-HUSSAIN k Hum zinda-o-javaid ka matam nahi kertay (Allama Iqbal) Zahid sharab peene de masjid mein beth kar, Yaa woh jagha bata jahan Khuda nahin..

Kal Raat Likhne Betha Ghazal Tere Naam Ki, Alfaz Saamne The Khare Yun Haath Jorr Jorr k.. Jis Me Tumhara Aks_e_Haseen Dekhta Tha me, Tum Ne To Rakh Diya Wohi Aaina Torr K.. Jaaney kab usko faqiron pe taras aajye, Kuchh milega e mera daste talab janta hai !

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